Hazardous point protection on a 3D laser cutting system

A 3D laser cutting system machines sheet parts that have previously been reformed. Workers remove the finished parts from the rotary changer and insert the new workpieces for machining. A deTec4 safety light curtain provides access protection for the hazardous area. With a resolution of 14 mm and a typical sensing range of 20 m, the protective field can be individually adjusted with deflector mirrors. This makes it possible to optimize the minimum distance to the hazardous point and the space required for the protective device. Several LEDs on the sender and receiver indicate the status of the deTec4 at any given time. A safety laser scanner such as the microScan3 is used for presence detection. The Flexi Soft safety controller evaluates the environment for safety purposes. Once a worker has removed the finished parts and inserted the new ones and has left the protective fields of the deTec4 and microScan3, the system starts automatically. A restart interlock is not necessary in this case. This increases productivity.