Object localization for mobile pick-and-place robots

Mobile articulated robots are used to depalletize stacks of containers, crates, or parcels. Robot guidance systems from SICK use 3D vision cameras to provide detailed coordinates to the robot controller, which then processes this information into gripping and set-down commands. Safety laser scanners monitor the surroundings of the mobile robot and stop the workflow when a worker approaches.

  • Following product families can be used
    3D machine vision has never been easier
    • Up to 30 3D images per second at full resolution (512 × 424 pixels)
    • High data quality and image dynamics with a very large contrast range
    • Compact housing
    • Temperature range: –10 °C to +50 °C
    • Enclosure rating: IP65, 67
    • 3D data transmission over industrial Gigabit Ethernet
    Flexible part localization for bin picking and depalletizing
    • All functions tailored to target applications
    • Several localization algorithms based on CAD and geometric part features
    • Selection of various pre-calibrated 3D cameras for immediate use
    • Thorough check for collision avoidance
    • Easy integration with any robot model