Four Dimensions of Smart Sensor Technology: Enhanced Sensing


Enhanced Sensing provides reliable detection and measurement results, which has a direct impact on plant availability.


Sensors automatically detect faults during operation and actively troubleshoot problems that may arise. They actively help the fitter to find the ideal operating point as they are being installed. Many Smart Sensors even offer various operating modes including manual adjustment of detection or measurement parameters to enable them to be dynamically adapted to tasks as necessary.

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Enhanced Sensing: added value for your application

Advanced adjustments

  • Accurate and reliable object detection for optimal measurement results
  • Individual and fast adjustment for virtually any application up to manual mode
  • Stable production processes
  • Protection against tampering by selectively disabling control elements

Reliable and precise print mark detection

Predefined operating modes for demanding applications

  • Easy and fast commissioning
  • Accurate object detection even with demanding applications
  • Application know-how from SICK available at a click

Flexible sensor adjustment for the detection of transparent objects

Simple compensation in case of faults

  • Prevention of false detections
  • Accurate object detection even with demanding applications
  • Stable and reliable sensor signals

Reliable, cost-effective detection of secondary packaging in harsh environments

Installation feedback

  • Fast calibration and commissioning
  • Prevention of unwanted sensor operation in the peripheral area

Precise detection of print marks

SICK Smart Sensors Enhanced Sensing Simplified commissioning and process transparency

Simplified commissioning and process transparency

  • Measurement of the location of interruption
  • The output of the signal strength during operation signals a necessary cleaning or realignment in good time The outputting of signal strength during operation per beam indicates the need for cleaning or realignment
  • Unwanted protective field interruptions are recognized, and the necessary interruptions by the supplied materials indicate the cycle time and possible optimization potential.

Easy commissioning and configuration without software saves time and money