Four Dimensions of Smart Sensor Technology: Efficient Communication


Efficient Communication enables bidirectional data transfer between control unit and sensor – for batch size 1, flexible processes and easy service.


Smart Sensors are diligent data collectors and intelligent analysts. They share this knowledge with their environment via their integrated IO-Link interface in real time. Smart Sensors are always responsive to all types of control commands. For example, they can receive new parameter sets within seconds – for flexible production up to batch size 1. Even if a device is defective, the most recently used parameter set can be automatically transferred to the replacement sensor via IO-Link. This enables plug and play to become a reality.

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Efficient Communication: added value for your application

Flexible manufacturing and batch size 1

  • Higher productivity through reduction of machine downtimes for product changeovers
  • The greatest possible flexibility and accuracy thanks to dynamic parameter adjustments of sensors during operation – also for batch size 1
  • Automated sensor parameterization by the control unit prevents incorrect settings during manual changeover
  • Improving variability of systems helps reduce costs

Flexible configuration of the sensor for different packaging

Fast commissioning and plug and play device replacement with automated setting of sensor parameters

  • Streamlined commissioning via sensor parameterization by the control unit
  • Faster plug and play sensor replacement improves machine availability
  • Sensor replacement can also be performed by untrained personnel
  • Remote configuration of sensor equipment mounted at inaccessible locations

Fast commissioning and plug and play device replacement

Continuous digital data transmission

  • Improved signal quality with fully digital transmission from the sensor to controls; classical transfer of analog values (0-10 V, 4-20 mA)
  • Use of unshielded standard cable reduces costs
  • High electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Fully-digital signal transmission

Device validation, logging and e-parts list

  • High transparency: sensor replacements and parameter changes can be logged
  • Protection against tampering by selectively disabling control elements
  • Safe operation: commissioning of unapproved devices can be prevented
  • Automatically generate e-parts list using smart sensors currently installed in the machine

Device validation, logging and generation of e-parts list

Simplify device identification to streamline asset management

  • Point-to-point serial communication via IO-Link
  • Remote device identification
  • Device-specific data assists with plant management

Smart Sensors: efficient communication with IO-Link