Tunnel Sensors

Solutions for tunnel safety

As the density of the traffic on our roads increases, it is becoming absolutely vital to measure pollutant concentrations in tunnels on a continuous basis. SICK's tunnel sensors measure exhaust gases at source, thereby enabling effective monitoring and control of emissions, and ensuring that ventilation systems operate efficiently – even in the event of a fire.

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Product family VISIC50SF
Early and reliable fire detection in tunnels
  • Visibility (K value) measured according to the scattered light measurement principle
  • Highly available – no moving parts
  • Quick and reliable smoke detection
  • Software developed in accordance with EN 61508 (SIL1)
  • Low faulty alarm rate
  • IP 6K9K enclosure rating thanks to a rugged stainless-steel housing
  • Fog evaporation through integrated heating element (optional)
Product family VISIC100SF
Modernizes measurement performance for tunnel air quality
  • Visibility (K value) measured according to the scattered light measurement principle
  • CO and NO concentration measured using electrochemical sensors in accordance with EN 50545
  • Software developed in accordance with EN 61508 (SIL1)
  • Highly reliable – no moving parts
  • Combines visibility measurement with two different gas measurements
  • IP 6K9K enclosure rating thanks to a rugged stainless-steel housing
  • Fog compensation through integrated heating (option)
Product family FLOWSIC200
The tunnel flow velocity measuring device for long-term operation
  • Very large measuring distances possible
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Extremely rugged components made of titanium, stainless steel, or die cast
  • Versions for very corrosive tunnel atmospheres
  • Determination of flow direction
  • No mechanical moving parts
Product family VICOTEC410
For ventilation control in road tunnels
  • Automatic adjustment function (AutoAdjust)
  • Contamination check
  • Menu-driven operation via evaluation unit
Product family VICOTEC320
For the control of ventilation and for filter monitoring in road tunnels
  • Very low detection limits for NO and NO2
  • Automatic function monitoring and self-adjustment
  • Very rugged design in stainless steel
  • Automatic beam alignment between sender/receiver unit and reflector
Product family VICOTEC450
Extractive visibility measurement for increased safety in tunnels
  • Regular functional test with contamination measurement
  • Linearity test can be carried out with filter set
  • Internal purge air for long intervals between cleaning
  • Maintenance signal (filter and cleaning)
  • Logbook function
  • Extendable with various interfaces or I/O modules (e. g., PROFIBUS, Ethernet, analog module, etc.)
Product family VHD
Prevent vehicle fires where they are at their most dangerous
  • Fully automated measurement of overheated vehicles under free-flow traffic conditions
  • Individual alarm thresholds for different vehicle parts
  • 3D visualization of vehicle hot spots
  • Upgradable with e.g. detection of hazardous goods plates or overheight
  • Communication via TCP/IP interface
  • Reliable operation in all weather conditions
Product family VM400
The compact device solution for non-contact flow measurement in tunnels
  • Modern ultrasonic technology for non-contact measurement
  • Large measuring range
  • Compact device design
  • Very easy mounting and commissioning
  • Immune to contamination
Product family SMOTEC450
Fast and reliable smoke detection for every type of tunnel
  • Very fast and accurate scattered light measurement
  • Automatic control functionalities
  • Contamination check
  • Heated chamber for evaporization of fog droplets
  • Rugged enclosure made of stainless steel

Result 1 - 9 out of 9