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Deep Learning

Artificial intelligence for SICK sensors

Your Benefits

  • Fast, automatic, reliable decision-making by sensors, even for complex tasks
  • Reduces development time and expense: image analyses are trained using example images
  • No additional hardware and software is required thanks to the cloud training
  • Quick support by SICK experts via the SICK Support Portal
  • Training neural networks does not require that the user have sound knowledge of machine learning
  • A free trial offer makes it possible for you to evaluate whether Deep Learning is suitable for your application
  • With SICK AppSpace, it can also be used for very individualized applications


Artificial intelligence for SICK sensors

Deep Learning from SICK breaks new ground in industrial automation. With its user-friendly operation, Deep Learning makes it possible to train artificial neuronal networks for SICK sensors in the cloud with little effort using example images. The sensors can then evaluate and sort objects in line with customized criteria on-site – in machines or systems – even if the natural appearance of the objects varies.

At a glance
  • Interference takes place directly on programmable SICK products
  • Training of neuronal networks in the SICK cloud
  • Support via SICK Support Portal
  • Neuronal networks optimized for SICK products
  • Free trial offer on request
  • Deep Learning is part of the SICK AppSpace eco-system

Supported Products