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Entry Management Software EMS

Software for remote management of access authorization for persons and vehicles

Your Benefits

  • Remote management of access authorization allows for fast access control
  • Automatic installation of the software using a microSD memory card
  • Predefined interface to the ECS software allows for database synchronization and management
  • High flexibility, since EMS can be used in all variants of the RFU62x and RFU63x product families


Software for remote management of access authorization for persons and vehicles

EMS (Entry and Exit Management Software) establishes communication between a configuration PC and an RFU62x or RFU63x RFID. EMS is installed on the respective RFID using a microSD memory card. The RFU62x or RFU63x uses database matching to remotely check and process access authorization for people and/or vehicles at predefined access points. ECS (Entry and Exit Configuration Software) handles database matching.

At a glance
  • Installed directly onto the RFU62x or RFU63x using a microSD memory card with copy protection
  • Management of up to 1,000 transponders
  • Remote database on RFU62x or RFU63x RFID
  • Remote management of access rights for persons and vehicles


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    DescriptionEMS on microSD memory card (1072379) to be installed on RFU62x or RFU63x. MicroSD memory card has to be inside RFU62x and RFU63x during operation. The EMS is the base for the Entry Exit Configuration Software (ECS) on the PC. The EMS is used to easily manage the access rights of persons and vehicles.
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