Verification and Optimization
Machine safety inspection

Your Benefits

  • Safety is determined and corresponding documentation is provided in the inspection report as proof that the legal obligation for testing has been fulfilled
  • High testing quality through certification and periodic inspections in accordance with IEC 17020 is carried out by independent bodies and with on-going competency management


Before a machine or system is commissioned, the operating company must demonstrate that all hazards have been identified and that the protective measures have been implemented effectively. In contrast to inspecting an individual protective device, a machine safety inspection is used to assess the safety status of the machine as a whole. In up to 16 individual tests, SICK experts ensure that all major mechanical hazards have been taken into consideration, properly assessed, and that appropriate measures have been implemented effectively. In addition to the technical protective devices, drive elements, operating elements, acoustic and optical signals, and machine documentation can also be inspected.

At a glance
  • Inspection of the major mechanical hazards on a machine
  • Inspection of all technical protective devices for correct alignment, installation, and functionality
  • Inspection of the function and operation of electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic safety-related control measures
  • Production of an inspection report


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