Product and system support
Warranty extensions

Long-term protection for calculable lump sum

Your Benefits

  • Protection from unexpected repair costs even after the statutory warranty has expired
  • Free improvement, repairs and exchange of the device in the event of a warranty case
  • Value preservation of your plant or system since it is transferable to the next owner and valid all over the world


Long-term protection for calculable lump sum

The extended warranty offers long-term protection of SICK products for a calculable lump sum. Customers profit above and beyond the standard warranty and protect their investment from unexpected repair costs in the long run. The warranty can be extended to a total period of up to five years from the date of purchase. This includes on-site improvement, repairs or exchange in the event of a warranty case.

At a glance
  • Extension of the warranty to a total period of up to five years
  • Services correspond to the scope of the manufacturer warranty
  • Calculable lump sum when purchasing the product


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Extended warranties for your SICK products

With an extended warranty, you ensure the highest possible performance and availability of your SICK products at calculable operating costs. The price of the extended warranty depends on the respective product, as do the defined services. Depending on the industry and application, we offer a variety of warranty services, such as the free repair or exchange of the product.

Select your individual model

Your benefits

You choose the warranty period that best suits your needs. You therefore have a firm grip on costs - invest once and benefit from defined services. In the event of a warranty claim, you are therefore protected against unexpected repair costs for your SICK products even after the statutory period has expired.
Your options

Extended warrant for

  • Three years
  • Five years
Your product services Depending on the respective product involved in the warranty case, you will receive a free repair at the SICK factory, the free exchange of the product, or a repair on site.
Worldwide availability
  • Keep downtimes as low as possible
  • Fast exchange available worldwide
  • The agreed service (repair or exchange) may also be used by a subsequent purchaser of the product vis-à-vis SICK.

You receive a detailed offer tailored to your applications and products.