Product and system support
Map creation

Your Benefits

  • Quick creation of a digital reference map
  • Localization of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) without reflector marks
  • Easy commissioning through offline thorough check of the reference map after generation
  • Cost savings thanks to simpler installation in the event that the reference map is updated due to modifications or extensions of the route of the AGV


A precise reference map is the foundation for high availability of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in environments in which localization must be done without additional reflector marks. The position of the AGV is determined by comparing the scan data of a SICK 2D LiDAR sensor recorded at the current position with the data of a reference map.

The reference map is generated based on the system scan data provided by the customer or recorded by SICK. Using the scan data, the precise space contours of the environment along the route are defined and a detailed reference map is created.

Services cover offline thorough check and provision and archiving of the reference map.

At a glance
  • Check of the scan data provided for map generation
  • Processing of data sets for optimal reference map generation
  • Offline thorough check of reference map
  • Provision and archiving of reference map


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