Product and system support
24-hour helpdesk

Your Benefits

  • No worries: Helpdesk experts can be reached via an exclusive helpdesk number
  • No delays: Unexpected system statuses are evaluated as soon as they occur and are not left until the next day
  • A structured approach: Efficient communication is achieved by having project-specific documentation in place
  • A tailored approach: Each helpdesk contract is customized for the customer
  • The remote support option creates a dramatic reduction in downtimes and provides a quicker method of identifying a solution


SICK is there to provide expert support by phone within a set response time – including assistance with technical issues and analysis of errors affecting devices or systems. Additional services are also available, such as remote support. This provides access to the customer’s system and makes it possible to perform advanced diagnostics as well as gain an insight into the progress of error states. When customers sign up for a 24-hour helpdesk contract, they can choose between a helpdesk service that is accessible five, six, or seven days a week.

At a glance
  • Helpdesk during office hours (8/5) or outside office hours (24/5, 24/6, 24/7)
  • Trained staff to provide support during troubleshooting and when replacing components
  • Advanced customer-specific system documentation, including customer-specific history
  • Optional: Remote support


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