Motor feedback systems rotary HIPERFACE DSL®

Compact motor feedback system for highly dynamic servo drives

Your Benefits

  • Saving all analog components on the controller part due to exclusively digital data transmission
  • Enormous cost saving as the separate encoder cable is longer necessary, data transmitted synchronously to the controller cycle
  • Minimal cabling thanks to integration of the encoder communication into the motor cable
  • Optimization of the controller circuit via automated synchronization with the controller cycle


Compact motor feedback system for highly dynamic servo drives

From a mechanical point of view, the EKS/EKM36 motor feedback system is based on the proven 36 mm design. This design is both compact and rugged, and has been proven many times over in a wide range of applications and surroundings. In combination with an absolute location indicator system with a resolution of up to 20 Bits per revolution and a maximum of 4,096 revolutions, this design is unique in its class.

At a glance
  • Motor feedback system with HIPERFACE DSL® interface
  • Compact, rugged design with 36 mm diameter
  • Up to 20 bit resolution per revolution and 4,096 revolutions measurable with the multiturn system
  • Facility for connecting an external temperature sensor
  • E²Prom with 8 KB of free memory space
  • SIL2-certified (only applies to EKS/EKM36-2...)
  • Service life histogram


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Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    TypeFor integration
    ModelAbsolute Singleturn / Absolute Multiturn
    Communication interfaceHIPERFACE DSL®
    Resolution per revolution18 bit / 20 bit
    Safety system– / ✔
    Mechanical interfaceTapered shaft
    Connection typeMale connector, 4-pin
    Available memory area8,192 Byte
    Measurement principleOptical
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