Regulating the calendering process

The calendering process is regulated by highly accurate OD displacement measurement sensors arranged in pairs at three positions on the belt, which measure thickness using the difference in the measured values. The sensors reliably determine any deviations in thickness of less than 1 μm. Signals are processed and differential values calculated in the associated evaluation unit.

  • Following product families can be used
    Measuring each dimension with high precision
    • Numerous measuring ranges from 24 mm ... 26 mm to 300 mm ... 700 mm
    • CMOS receiving element for measurement independent of surface
    • Maximum measurement accuracy and frequency
    • Glass thickness measurement with just one sensor head
    • Various light spot sizes
    • Integrated calculations for up to three sensors
    • Stand-alone use via RS-422
    The expert for high performance measurement
    • Measuring frequency up to 80 kHz
    • Ethernet interface with TCP/IP protocol directly in the sensor head
    • Web server interface for configuration
    • Innovative analysis algorithm
    • Maximum repeatability for positioning tasks
    • Detection and measurement of the smallest indentations or holes