Emission monitoring in exhaust gas

Legal environment regulations require the continuous monitoring of certain pollutants and reference values. These regulations for emission monitoring are specific for each country. In many countries, emission measuring technology must be tested for suitability e. g. in Europe in accordance with EN15267, or in the US in compliance with EPA standards. SICK's wide product portfolio for emission monitoring provides complete solutions from one source. A specally developed CEMS package the PowerCEMS100 measures CO, NOx, O2 and optionally SO2. Data aquisition system from SICK complete the CEMS package.

  • Following product families can be used
    High-performance, future-proof CEMS for emission measurement
    • Cold/dry extractive analyzer system certified according to EN 15267 and EN 14181
    • Plug-and-play analyzer module with 24 V power supply
    • Control unit for displaying all measured values and status information on one monitor
    • External sensors can be connected via prepared interfaces