Pathway with container block monitoring

To avoid collisions, the MRS6000 3D LiDAR sensor monitors not only the travel path of a crane but also any overruns of container blocks. This enables any containers that have slipped, for example due to gusts of wind, and are projecting into or have slid into the path of an automated gantry crane to be safely and reliably detected and submitted to the crane control. The TDC-E mobile gateway transmits smart sensor data and status messages to MES, ERP and cloud based systems.

  • Following product families can be used
    Intelligent networking – harness your data and be proactive
    • Support for standardized interfaces and protocols for data communication
    • Tailored configuration via a web-based user interface
    • Integrated wireless technology and GPS module for precise position determination
    • Open end-to-end IIoT architecture
    Make the difference visible with multilayers
    • Gap-free detection across 24 scanning layers at an aperture angle of 120°
    • Fine angular resolution with high scanning point density
    • Reliability thanks to multi-echo technology
    • Convenient and customer-friendly web server interface for configuration