Identification of product content, supplementary sheet, label, and packaging through linear or 2D codes

When a product is packed, it is important to ensure that the packaging, label, and supplementary sheet are used in the correct combination. Errors can result in expensive complaints or even health risks if, for example, people with allergies take dangerous substances due to incorrect product information. The Lector62x image-based code reader can reliably read and match up medical packaging. Intelligent identification algorithms ensure that different 1D, 2D, and stacked codes, and plain text can be read on all kinds of materials. Intuitive setup with aiming laser, focus adjustment, and auto-setup reduces training and installation time and costs.

  • Following product families can be used
    Perfect sight - in any light
    • High performance DPM decoder
    • Immune to ambient light
    • Powerful LEDs in red, blue, infrared
    • Extensive optical accessories such as polarizing filter or dome attachment
    • Setup wizard with auto focus, aiming laser, green feedback LED
    • Innovative data handling with sorting, filtering, and output formatting functions
    Intelligent. Flexible. Intuitive.
    • Code reader with up to 2-megapixel sensor
    • Flexible optics and filter design
    • Integrated, replaceable high-power illumination
    • Intuitive user interface, with flexible result string with code analysis options
    • Function buttons, aiming laser, acoustic feedback signal, and green feedback LED
    • microSD memory card
    Multifunctional quality control for individual application

    • Software platforms with combinable basic functions and extensible modules
    • Recipe management
    • Modular and scalable hardware
    • Digital outputs for user-defined alerts
    • Display of data detected by the sensor as well as sensor statistics via touch screen