Checking safety features

Invisible safety markings are added to packaging to prevent product counterfeiting. Luminescence sensors detect these marks that are only visible under UV light. The LUT9 luminescence sensor detects fluorescent marks reliably, regardless of pattern, color, or surface properties of the carrier material. Interchangeable lenses and additional optical filters extend the sensor's application possibilities and reduce downtime.

  • Following product families can be used
    The new standard for high-performance luminescence sensors
    • Simple teach-in
    • Operating range up to 250 mm
    • Version with IO-Link for remote monitoring
    • Bar graph display provides information about the luminescence intensity
    • High speed (6.5 kHz), standard (2.5 kHz), high resolution (500 Hz) models
    • Additional optical filters suppress background luminescence
    • Fiber-optic cable connection (with 20 mm lens)
    • Switching and analog output