Quality control for blister packaging

Pharmaceutical products in blister packaging are checked for completeness and size to increase patient safety and prevent complaints. The InspectorP6xx 2D vision sensor checks whether a blister is correctly filled. You have the choice between a sensor with an integrated lens or a flexible, exchangeable lens which can be used to easily optimize the image quality. The multi-sided toolbox ensures efficient production in a wide range of quality tests.

Alternatively, a Ruler3000 3D camera may be used as a solution for the application. This detects object shapes with high precision and reliably identifies surface errors and breaks in particular using three-dimensional images.

  • Following product families can be used
    Your quality assurance needs quickly solved
    • 2D machine vision inspection
    • Solving detailed quality inspection applications
    • Toolset for presence and measuring inspection, calibration, and location
    • Quick customization and addition of SICK Nova tools
    • Various FOVs, resolutions, performance levels, optics, and lighting
    • Easy-to-use user interface in web browser
    The fast way to high-performance 3D
    • SICK’s CMOS sensor with ROCC technology for superior 3D performance
    • 3D profiles at up to 46 kHz in reduced ROI
    • Easy commissioning with guaranteed FOV concept
    • GigE Vision and GenICam compliant
    • Accurate 3D, reflectance, and scattered light measurements in one device
    • Modular industrial design, IP65/67
    Check presence inspection applications with ease using 2D and 3D machine vision
    • 2D and 3D machine vision check
    • Presence inspection applications
    • User-friendly interface launched from a web browser
    • Quick customization with SICK Nova plug-in tools
    • I/O and TCP/IP interface
    All-in-one vision sensor with flexible optics and rugged housing
    • 2D vision sensors with 1.3 and 1.9 megapixels
    • Configuration of toolset in a web browser
    • Programming of new SensorApps in SICK AppStudio
    • Flexible S- and C-mount lenses and integrated lighting
    • Laser alignment aid, beeper and feedback spot
    • Includes HALCON runtime license and SICK Algorithm Library
    All-in-one vision sensor with electric focus and rugged housing
    • Supplied and preinstalled Quality Inspection toolset from SICK Nova
    • Compact, rugged IP65 housing with swivel connector
    • Powerful LEDs, high-quality lens and teach auto focus
    • Countless communication interfaces
    • Execution of compatible SICK AppSpace SensorApps
    • Can be programmed with SICK AppStudio