Access protection with muting on belt conveyors

Tray stacks are automatically fed to the pallet handling machine using the (dual) belt conveyor. During this process, a miniTwin safety light curtain reliably secures access to the conveying line. The benefits of the miniTwin are its lack of blind zones and the various different brackets that allow quick and easy mounting. The muting function is used during the interaction between the light curtain and Flexi Soft safety controller in order to properly differentiate between people and materials. Four muting sensors allow flexible setup for inlet and exit monitoring.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Best background suppression sensor in its class
    • Universal use of PinPoint LED technology in all models
    • BGS proximity sensor with laser-like light spot for precise detection tasks
    • Reliable setting via 5-turn potentiometer, teach-in pushbutton, teach-in via cable or IO-Link
    • Flexible sensor settings, monitoring, advanced diagnostics, and visualization thanks to IO-Link
    • Safety controller with modular hardware platform
    • Configuration saved in the system plug
    • Safe controller networking with Flexi Line
    • Safe series connection with Flexi Loop
    • Safe drive monitoring
    • Safe analog value monitoring
    • Flexi Soft Designer license-free configuration software
    • Twin sticks: sender and receiver in a compact housing
    • Different protective field heights, graduated to 60 mm each
    • Diagnostics through protective field visualization
    • Commissioning and alignment by means of color LEDs, configuration without software
    • Cascading possible
    • Application-specific brackets
    • Technologies: ForegroundSuppression, DoubleLine, V-optics and MultiSwitch
    • Two switching points and distance value output in one device
    • Diffuse sender LED for ambient light suppression
    • BluePilot: Teach-Turn adjustment with optical sensing range and alignment aid
    • Smart Sensor: Latest diagnostics and monitoring functions
    • VISTAL® housing

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