SICK at SPS IPC Drives 2017


Managing the future with "Sensor Intelligence.": At SPS/IPC/Drives 2017, SICK once again presented exciting trends and innovations. During recent years, digitalization and networking in production processes, in particular, have crystallized into a major topic that SICK’s trade fair presence also focuses on. Our central Industry 4.0 exhibit highlights intelligent and communicative sensors and sensor solutions for the smart factory. Workstations can use these to autonomously coordinate their processes and functions, creating units that are self-organizing and self-optimizing. The prerequisite for this is new functionalities in the sensors that supply the necessary data to the smart factory.



Thanks to its years of experience combined with intensive research and development work, SICK's wide range of products and solutions lays the foundation for more flexible, transparent processes in all kinds of different ways. The aim is to enable the digitization and networking of production and logistics systems so that they can optimize and control themselves autonomously.