Process gas analysis systems (PGA)

Efficiency increase by process control

The process gas analysis systems (PGA) from SICK play a valuable role in process control and quality assurance across a wide range of industries. Our many years of experience in gas analysis and state-of-the-art data integration and evaluation units give us the perfect foundation to deliver tailored analysis system for optimizing production and combustion processes.

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The atmosphere must be just right
  • Certified according to IECEx and ANZEx
  • Reliable, continuous measurement (24/7)
  • Automated switching between modular expandable measuring points for up to 40 sites
  • Automated alarm and alarm report
  • Self-contained, transportable system
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Increased efficiency and safety for your process
  • High precision measurement of O2, CO, CO2 and H2O. Up to three further gas components can be measured simultaneously or retrofitted on demand
  • Ideally suited to the harsh ambient conditions in steel plants
  • Extremely low-maintenance and rugged design
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Oxygen measurement for every application
  • Oxygen transmitter based on modern laser spectroscopy (TDLS)
  • Compact design adapted to specific application conditions
  • Intuitive operation and easy installation
  • Can be combined with sample point switching
  • Flexible for virtually every application
  • Modular extension possible
  • Various Ex approvals available
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Space and protection for measurement and analysis technology
  • Heating/Cooling/Ventilation (redundant on req.)
  • Standard shelter, 10 to 40 feet
  • Insulation and high-quality paint (C5)
  • Fire alarm and fire extinguishers available
  • CSC certificate for standard dimensions
  • Suitable for ATEX zones
  • Earthquake-safe and fireproof types available (F30, F60)
  • Special constructions

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Gas analysis under the harshest conditions, directly on rotary kilns
  • Simultaneous measurement of all relevant gas component such as O2, CO, CO2, NOx, CH4, SO2, HCL, NH3
  • Rugged and cooled sample probes, can be used up to 1,400 °C and 2,000 g/m³ dust
  • Up to 98% availability of the complete system
  • Quick service thanks to remote maintenance
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Result 1 - 5 out of 5