SICK participates to mcT Petrochemical: "Innovative measurement technologies to optimize the CO2 reduction processes"

25th November 2015 will take place the seventh edition of mcT Petrochemical. SICK will present the innovative technology of ultrasound to measure gas with a high CO2 content and will present a novelty in the world of the flowmeter

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Introduce new features, exceed the technology, offer new solutions to new problems is the mission of SICK. The next edition of mcT Petrochemical (25th November, 2015 - Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Donato Milanese) the company will preview firsts able to radically change the way we perceive the technology measurement of ultrasonic flow - What seemed impossible is now a reality at hand.

During the seventh edition of the event, SICK will be present with two interesting moments / technical information. The first, in the morning, will demonstrate the extraordinary potential of the measurement technology Ultrasonic flow become, in the last 15 years, the state of the art with measures of natural gas. The report "Capturing and storing CO2 measurement technology ultrasonic gas with high CO2 content" Salvatore Squillaci, Product Manager Analyzers & Flow Solutions SICK SpA, will illustrate how you can bring in applications with high CO2 content of the most appreciated benefits of this technology (high rangeability, diagnostic information on the meter, minimum pressure losses and low maintenance requirement). Thanks to research and the ability to SICK listen carefully to the needs of its customers, studying for their solutions to meet every application need, it is now possible to overcome the limitation of the extent of gas with high concentrations of CO2, known for attenuating signals ultrasound used.

In addition to the application of this tax measure, whose interest tends to rise to the spread of non-conventional fuels, are stepping forward new demands to recognize CO2 captured and stored geologically. In fact, in order to subtract the tons of CO2 from industrial installations percentages captured and stored, you need a reliable and accurate as required by the European directives concerning the management of greenhouse gas emissions. The ability to combine environmental protection with the needs of saving companies become an increasingly tangible.

During the afternoon, Salvatore Squillaci will hold a second meeting on "Fiscal measures gas flow: the future is now", which will be presented for the first time to the market the last revolutionary flowmeter signed SICK. The high level of services offered, the value-added features and the incredible ease of integration and use of this new solution mark a historic step forward in ultrasound technology.

Come and discover the revolution of SICK!

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