SICK connects – complete connectivity from a single source

SICK provides connection devices that easily connect to other devices in your machine, regardless of the selected automatic identification technology. These devices enable easy integration of fieldbus gateways into the modular connection boxes, making it possible to incorporate the scanner, camera or RFID systems into different fieldbus technologies. A fieldbus proxy, external parameter memory, display, and power modules provide a high degree of application flexibility.

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Easy fieldbus integration
  • Flexible mounting on all standard profiles
  • Flexible fieldbus connection for PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET and EtherCAT (type-dependent)
  • Encoding switch for setting bus address and operating mode (type-dependent)
  • LEDs for status and diagnostics
  • Plug-in electrical connections
  • Integrated parameter memory for connected sensors
  • Compact and flexible
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Simplifies 4Dpro sensor commissioning
  • Connection module for one 4Dpro sensor
  • Clearly visible, easily accessible screw- and spring-loaded terminals
  • Connection diagram on the inside of the lid
  • Configuration with switches
  • IP 65 connection for one 4Dpro sensor using standard connection cable
  • Basis for CMC600 parameter cloning module
  • Service plug for direct access to the AUX interface
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Commissioning sensors the easy way – for more flexibility
  • Efficient solution to power and connect to SICK’s Auto-ID component portfolio
  • Slots for optional fieldbus modules, parameter memory, display and power supply module
  • Simple voltage supply of scanner
  • IP 65 connection of a scanner using SICK standard cable
  • Direct access to the service interface of the sensor
  • Connection diagram integrated in lid
  • Clearly visible and easily accessible screw/spring-loaded terminals
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Easy sensor integration into PoE environments
  • Integrates devices without PoE interface into PoE environments
  • Splits the PoE signal into a 24 V voltage supply and Ethernet data line
  • LEDs in the housing cover for visualizing received sensor signals
  • Integration of digital I/Os
  • Plug-in electrical connections
  • Compact housing
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Result 1 - 4 out of 4