3D inspection and surveying of semiconductor chip connections

Final testing of finished semiconductor chips prior to shipping must be rigorous (a burn-in test). To ensure this is the case, they must undergo testing to check their functions and their mechanical integrity as well as the quality of their contact points and their coplanarity in ball grid assays (BGAs). The Ranger 3D camera system checks up to 10,000 components per hour and does so with the precision demanded by industry requirements. With its experience in the fields of optics, electronics and software, SICK is also able to offer solutions for these demanding 3D-image-processing-related applications.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family Ranger
    Fast 3D measurement and MultiScan for advanced industrial solutions
    • Fast 3D measurement at high speed and quality
    • MultiScan function for simultaneously measuring the 3D shape, contrast, color, and scatter
    • Sensor resolutions of up to 1,536 pixels in 3D and 3,072 pixels in grayscale and color
    • High levels of flexibility in configuration, working distance, and field of view
    • In-machine 3D calibration
    • Gigabit Ethernet and CameraLink interfaces