Monitoring of conveyor belts in underground mining

Belts in underground mining are potentially hazardous; they must be monitored using simple control points along their entire length. Rope pull switches ensure that the belt can be stopped reliably at any point along the rope in the event of a hazard. In operational status, the rope is under tension and the safety-relevant contacts are monitored by the Flexi Soft safety controller so that potential hazards can be detected. This process can be automated by means of the additional integration of the Flexi Loop safe sensor cascade.

  • Following product families can be used
    The software-programmable safety controller
    • Safety controller with modular hardware platform
    • Configuration saved in the system plug
    • Safe controller networking with Flexi Line
    • Safe series connection with Flexi Loop
    • Safe drive monitoring
    • Safe analog value monitoring
    • Flexi Soft Designer license-free configuration software
    Safe rope pull switch over extra large distances for stopping a machine
    • Rope lengths up to 75 m, with rope break and rope pull function
    • Metal housing with integrated emergency stop push button and tension display
    • Rotary unlocking lever
    • Available with M20 X 1.5 cable entry gland or Flexi Loop compatible M12 plug connector (depending on variant)
    • Slow-action switching elements with four contacts
    The flexible and safe series connection with diagnostic function
    • Safe series connection of up to 32 sensors regardless of the manufacturer
    • Up to 100 m in cable length between the sensors
    • IP65 and IP67 enclosure rating
    • Integration via M12 standard cable
    • Individual monitoring of the sensors up to PL e
    • Detailed diagnostic information
    • Direct voltage supply