Monitoring conveyor belt operation

When the actual speed of a conveyor belt differs from the required speed, production yield changes and production steps can be misaligned. Maintaining the proper speed and taking periodic measurements to prevent interruptions or failures are therefore essential for maintaining production throughput. A safety encoder continuously monitors conveyor belt operations to maximize performance, while an encoder for functional safety furthermore supports safety functions.

  • Following product families can be used
    Safe, easy, flexible: Encoders for functional safety
    • Encoders for functional safety technology: SIL2 (IEC 61508), SILCL2 (EN 62061), PL d (EN ISO 13849)
    • Electrical interface: 4.5 V ... 32 V; sine/cosine 1 VPP; 1,024 periods
    • Face mount flange or servo flange, blind hollow shaft or through hollow shaft (assembly options with feather key)
    • Universal cable connection, M23 or M12 male connector, axial or radial
    • Enclosure rating: IP65
    • Operating temperature range: –30°C ... +95°C (depending on type)