Conveyor belt staple tear inspection

Belt staples are robust and quick to install for joining bulk material conveyor belts together. However, with the harsh requirements of long high tension conveyor belts, tears near the staples cause belt failure and catastrophic downtime losses. Human inspection for belt faults near the staples is tedious, time-consuming and requires a non-moving belt. This is very costly process and is subject to the pitfalls of human error. Using the robust IQ40 inductive sensor to trigger the Inspector PIM60, the inspection can be automated on a live running belt, even at speeds above 6 m/s. The Inspector PIM60 triggers an alarm, or other function, if a tear appears. This system is capable of uploading inspected images to an FTP server for historical data collection.

  • Following product families can be used
    An intelligent vision solution in an easy-to-use sensor package
    • High-speed positioning, inspection and measuring
    • Powerful “object locator” tool, independent of position, rotation and scale
    • Unique, interchangeable housing design supporting dome and various optical accessories
    • Simple step-by-step configuration in PC including emulator
    • Easy-to-use operator interfaces
    • Flexible machine and HMI design interfaces
    Compact rectangular housings for use in harsh ambient conditions
    • Type: 40 mm x 40 mm
    • Extended sensing ranges: 20 mm to 40 mm
    • Electrical configuration: DC 3-/4-wire
    • Enclosure rating: IP 68, IP 69K
    • Temperature range: –25 °C to +85 °C
    • Plastic housing
    • Push-lock mounting system
    • Sensor head can be rotated in five directions