Measuring pressure, level, and temperature in hydraulic systems

The CFP Cubic capacitive level sensor monitors the oil level and temperature in the tank within the hydraulic system of the press at the same time, regardless of the container material and medium. Small dead zones enable the measurement of even the lowest levels. Alternatively, the LFP Cubic TDR level sensor can be used together with the TBT temperature sensor.

The PBS Plus digital pressure switch or an analog PBT pressure transmitter measures the system and forming pressure to ensure the best possible component quality.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Level sensor for liquids
    • No mechanical moving parts
    • Interchangeable rod probe which can be cut to lengths between 200 mm and 2,000 mm (cable probe up to 4,000 mm)
    • Resistant to deposit formation
    • Process temperature up to 100 °C,process pressure up to 10 bar
    • 3 in 1: combines display, analog output (according to NAMUR NE 43), and binary output
    • High enclosure rating of IP 67, rotatable housing and remote amplifier
    • IO-Link 1.1
    • Switchable switching outputs (PNP/NPN) and analog output (current/voltage)
    • Scalable analog output (5:1 turn down)
    • High measurement accuracy: ± 0.5%
    • IO-Link for transmitting process data to the control as measured values in bar
    • Housing can be twisted in two places (process connection/display) and display can be rotated by 180°
    • Common process connections, also with flush-mounted membrane
    • Continuous level measurement and temperature measurement as well as level and temperature switches
    • Measurement irrespective of container material
    • Probe from 100 mm to 1,000 mm
    • Display and intuitive menu navigation
    • No mechanical moving parts
    • IP 67 enclosure rating and IO-Link 1.1
    • No dead zone along the measuring range
Smart Fluid Power
Smart Fluid Power

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