Flexible configuration of the sensor for different packaging

In the area of secondary packaging, machines and systems are utilized in a flexible manner to accommodate a wide variety of product variants. Order-specific packaging formats are used in the production process to produce these products. The packaging can vary significantly, in particular with regard to shape and surface properties. When using the WTT12LC smart sensor in the PowerProx product family, different sensor parameter sets for specific formats can be created and stored in the controller. This enables packaging formats to be switched during operation in a fast, absolutely reproducible manner and with no manual intervention: the controller simply sends the new parameter set to the smart sensor via IO-Link. That makes one-off applications easier than ever.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family PowerProx
    The new home of sensing range
    • Time-of-flight technology
    • Laser class 1, red and infrared light
    • Sensing range for object detection: 5 cm to 4 m
    • Switching frequencies of up to 1,000 Hz
    • Minimum distance between object and background: 6 mm
    • VISTAL™ housing
    • Up to 3 independently adjustable switching outputs or one analog output
    • IO-Link available as an option (distance value, 8 switching points, smart sensor functions)
    Product family W12-3
    Rugged metal housing provides exceptional performance in demanding applications
    • Best-in-class optical performance due to superior OES technology
    • Autocollimation with retro-reflective sensors
    • Background and foreground suppression with second emitter LED on proximity sensors
    • Highly visible, precise light spot and high-energy IR transmitters
    • Rugged die-cast zinc housing, optional with Teflon® coating
    • Mounting options with through holes, base blind holes, oblong through holes and dovetail
    • Flexible sensor settings, monitoring, advanced diagnostics, and visualization thanks to IO-Link