Condition Monitoring sensor for universal use

Multi Physics Box

Temperature, vibrations, and shocks are important indications of the state of the machine. The Multi Physics Box delivers continuous sensor data so that possible malfunctions can be detected early. This reduces unplanned downtimes and cuts costs.

Condition Monitoring sensor for universal use

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Condition Monitoring sensors for vibration, shock, and temperature monitoring
  • 3-axis vibration (± 8 g) and shock detection (up to 200 g) via MEMS elements
  • Contact temperature measurement −40 ... +80 °C
  • Configurable thresholds
  • Vibration monitoring in time and frequency domain
  • Vibration limit values according to ISO 10816-3
  • Compact stainless-steel housing up to IP68
  • LED status display
  • Switching output as alarm and IO-Link