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SICK AppEngine

Your Benefits

  • SICK AppEngine extends the portfolio of programmable devices and offers new application possibilities for SICK AppSpace
  • Quick and easy programming of SensorApps based on countless APIs which are ready to use right away
  • Low-cost development of sensor applications thanks to comprehensive SICK AppSpace toolchains (e.g. SICK AppStudio, SICK AppManager)
  • Customized visualization of sensor data on flexible web-based user interfaces
  • Low development effort due to reusable SensorApps and their world-wide availability via SICK AppPool


The SICK AppEngine software product integrates devices such as industrial PCs or controls into the SICK AppSpace eco-system and makes them programmable. SICK AppEngine therefore extends the portfolio of programmable devices on which SICK AppSpace can be used. Using the eco-system, sensor applications are implemented efficiently based on individual SensorApps and run on the SICK AppEngine, regardless of the area of application and sensor technology. The SICK AppEngine contains a collection of powerful software libraries for this purpose and provides application developers with countless functions using a uniform API structure. Sensor and data applications can be quickly and cost-effective solved using these functions.

At a glance
  • Countless functions with over 3,000 APIs for sensor data processing, sensor communication and integration
  • Countless security features
  • REST support for all APIs
  • Web-based user interface on integrated web server
  • Seamless integration into the SICK AppSpace eco-system
  • Availability for other devices on request


Countless functions for safe and efficient sensor applications

SICK AppEngine is a software that helps to meet the challenges of cybersecurity with numerous security functions. As an application developer, secure your SensorApps with read and copy protection. Encrypted communication protects the connectivity of your devices and systems, and regular updates of the SICK AppEngine keep your device up to date at all times. We follow the industry standard IEC 62443 for this purpose.
HTTPS-encrypted communication via MQTT or OPC UA protect the connectivity of your devices.
Our security measures are based on industry standard IEC 62443 and the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security).

Regular security updates from SICK AppEngine keep your device up-to-date and secure at all times.

Unlimited choice of programmable devices for SICK AppSpace

SICK AppEngine is the uniform software basis for all devices in the SICK AppSpace eco-system. Whether pre-installed on all SICK AppSpace devices, optionally on integration and gateway systems from SICK, or for customer-specific devices, with the SICK AppEngine software product, there are no limits on the choice of suitable hardware for your application.

Possible applications of SICK AppEngine

As the basis of all SICK AppSpace devices, SICK AppEngine is continuously being improved and expanded.

SICK AppSpace

SICK AppEngine can be used as an optional software product on integration and gateway systems from SICK.
SICK AppEngine can be installed on customer-specific hardware and upgrades it to a SICK AppSpace device.

Quick and simple installation

The following three steps must be followed to use the SICK AppEngine software product on one of the supported devices:
Download installer

The current installer of the respective SICK AppEngine variant is available in the download area.

To the download

Order license A license can be ordered using the shopping cart or from your local SICK representative.
Initial steps

Additional information on installation and activation can be found on the SICK SupportPortal.

To the SICK SupportPortal


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview


    Software license for the installation of SICK AppEngine on the TDC-E.

    The SICK AppEngine software product integrates devices into the SICK AppSpace eco-system and makes them programmable devices on which SensorApps can be run.

    Software license for the installation of SICK AppEngine

    Supported products

    Telematic Data Collector TDC-E

    Data Integration Machine DIMA500

    Operating system


    Windows 10 (64 bit)

    Linux Ubuntu (64 bit)

All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product