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During transportation mobile vehicles and carts have to be able to recognize and perceive their environment. This prevents collisions with objects or people, and ensures safe and reliable process operations.
The L29 single-beam photoelectric safety switch, developed especially for the packaging manufacturer MULTIVAC, stops dangerous movements safely if someone reaches into the forming station in a thermoforming... Read on

Electro-sensitive protective device whose sender elements send beams to receiver elements. The active opto-electronic protective device (AOPD) detects an opaque object when the object interrupts the beam path. Examples include safety light curtains, multiple light beam safety devices, and single-beam photoelectric safety switches.

A company that builds a parking lot for its employees has different requirements for it than a public parking lot. The basic requirement in such cases is it can be used safely and comfortably by authorized... Read on
Every year more than a million fall accidents are registered per year.The medical product developer BAAT Medical has built a unique fall simulator, which is equipped with safety components from SICK,... Read on

Type: Operating instructions

Part number: 8013338

Title: WSU/WEU26-3 Single-beam Photoelectric Safety Switch

Release date: May 28, 2021

Size: 956.00 KB


Type: Operating instructions

Part number: 8010780

Title: WS/WE 18-3 P460 Single-Beam Photoelectric Safety Switch

Release date: Jan 20, 2004

Size: 1.08 MB

SICK is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications.
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Photoelectric proximity sensors from various product families, fiber-optic sensors, inductive proximity sensors, laser sensors, and safety locking devices - SICK sensor technology plays a crucial role... Read on
  • Restart interlock
  • External device monitoring (EDM)
  • Cascading single-beam photoelectric safety switches
  • Fast response time
  • Slim housing
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Waldkirch, March 2018 – SICK underlines its solution competence throughout the entire process chain of intralogistical applications at LogiMAT 2018 (Hall 1, Stand F51) – with complete sensor... Read on
During peak periods, considerably more than one million glass bottles per day are produced on machines from Heye International in the glass container production unit of a glassworks. Detection and counting... Read on


Name: SOPAS Engineering Tool

Version: 2022.2

Software category: Configuration software

Size: 315.19 MB

Product family: CMB, MZT8 VIA, MZC1 VIA, MZCG VIA, ...


Type: IO-Link function block

Name: Function Block Factory

Software category: Function block

Size: 1.00 KB

Product family: CMB, SLG-2, L25, L26, ...

Requirements for protecting machinery have changed more and more with the increasing use of automation. In the past, protective devices in the work process were something of a nuisance; for this reason,... Read on
Waldkirch, October 2018 – At the SPS IPC DRIVES trade fair in Nuremberg from November 27-29, 2018 (hall 7A, booth 340), SICK will be showcasing its innovation and technology leadership in many fields... Read on

Type: Operating instructions

Part number: 8008631

Title: WSU26-2/WEU26-2 Photoelectric Safety Switch

Release date: Dec 20, 2004

Size: 4.58 MB

An adaptable machine concept that can be scaled up to meet changing requirements and, if necessary, converted to perform new tasks and installed in new locations - that is the philosophy behind the BFM... Read on
The MACtac-Bemis Group of companies headquartered in the Belgian town of Soignies (Hainaut province) manufactures adhesive films for decorative and advertising purposes as well as a broad spectrum of high-tech... Read on

Type: Operating instructions

Part number: 8007987

Title: MSL Multi-beam Photoelectric Safety Switch

Release date: Apr 5, 2004

Size: 5.84 MB

SICK experts are often asked to advise on the selection of a safety laser scanner as there are many to choose from and they all have different technical specifications. It is common for people to simply... Read on
When design engineers become euphoric, there must be a good reason. Perhaps the latest safety controller from SICK that cleverly incorporates advantages? It is so safe and intelligent that a new word had... Read on

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