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  • 36 mm absolute encoder with max. 26 bits (singleturn: 14 bits, multiturn: 12 bits)
  • Face mount/servo flange, blind hollow shaft
  • Rotatable male connector or cable connection
  • IO-Link, CANopen, SAE J1939, SSI interface with programmable parameterization
  • Diagnostic functions
  • Stainless steel (Inox versions)
  • Enclosure rating up to IP67 or IP69K
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Waldkirch, November 2017 – SICK will be showcasing its all-new AHS36/AHM36 singleturn and multiturn absolute encoders with IO-Link interfaces at SPS IPC Drives 2017. The IO Link interface allows... Read on
  • Rugged absolute multiturn encoder with up to 31 bits (14-bit singleturn and 17-bit multiturn)
  • Face mount flange, servo flange or blind hollow shaft
  • Compact design (<70 mm)
  • Integrated PROFIBUS interface with DP V0, V1, and V2 functionality (depending on type)
  • Connectivity: 3 x M12 male connector
  • Protection class up to IP67
  • Operating temperature: –30 to +80 °C (depending on type)
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  • High-resolution absolute encoder with up to 30 bits (AFM60) or 18 bits (AFS60)
  • Face mount flange, servo flange, blind hollow shaft
  • Connection type: 3 x M12 axial plug
  • Communication interfaces: PROFINET, EtherNet/IP™, EtherCAT®
  • Round axis functionality
  • Diagnostic functions
  • Status display via 5 LEDs
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  • High-resolution absolute encoder with up to 30 bits (AFM60) or 18 bits (AFS60)
  • Various types of solid and hollow shaft
  • Connection: M12 male connector, M23 male connector or cable
  • Communication interfaces: SSI, SSI + incremental, SSI + Sin/Cos
  • Programmable (type-dependent)
  • Stainless steel (Inox versions)
  • Enclosure rating up to IP67
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Absolute encoders generate information about position, angle, and rotation counts in type-specific angle steps. For this, a unique code pattern is assigned to each angle increment. The number of code patterns available per revolution determines the resolution. Each code pattern forms a unique reference, and is therefore an absolute position. There is therefore no need for a reference run after switching on. A singleturn encoder measures the absolute position within a revolution. A multiturn encoder not only provides the position within a revolution but also the number of revolutions.

GO BEYOND. Discovery #18 Decentralized decision-making, autonomous execution: IO-Link opens up the possibility for utilizing the functionality of intelligent sensors for automation in an easy and... Read on

Analog encoders are absolute encoders that have an analog interface. This is an electrical interface for transmitting absolute position values in the form of current signals (4 mA ... 20 mA) or voltage signals (0 V ... 10 V).

Hoisting walls are installations for lifting and lowering stage sets. In this connection, it is essential that the required path and position data be detected with great precision. ATM60 SSI absolute encoders... Read on

An active web server is used to configure absolute encoders with Ethernet interfaces from a standard web browser on a PC, notebook or tablet computer. The web server function is currently available for AFS/AFM60 EtherNet/IP. Preparations are underway for this function to be rolled out for AFS/AFM60 PROFINET and EtherCAT.

Wind power plants and solar parks are now an integral part of a sustainable energy management strategy. The wind and the sun are reliable sources of energy. Sensors from SICK play a role in ensuring that... Read on
Encoders are ideal for precise position determination in industrial automation
Virtually all system operators need to operate machines efficiently even when batch sizes are small, when products and formats need to be changed frequently, or when packaging varies in terms of design... Read on
Wanna bet that ... you can use an excavator shovel to place the tone arm of a record player precisely between two songs on a record, or hang up six socks with two excavators in the space of four minutes?... Read on

Position, angle and speed monitoring for rotary or linear encoders using LEDs, code patterns and photodiodes. The tick marks (on incremental encoders) or codes (on absolute encoders) are inscribed as digital patterns on a glass, metal or plastic disc and are scanned using a light source (light emitting diode) and photo-diodes. Encoders with optical scanning typically have higher resolutions than encoders that use magnetic scanning.

Safety encoders are used in functional safety technology. They generate information about position, angle, and revolution counts. Rotary safety encoders are divided into incremental and absolute encoders. When these encoders are combined with safe controls, the safety function can be implemented. These encoders are certified safety products and are characterized by safety technology parameters such as safety integrity level (SIL) or performance level (PL).

Vacuum and high temperature environments are required and aggressive chemicals used for automated production in the electronics industry.
Everyone knows that unpleasant feeling that comes over you when an elevator jerks as it slows down and comes to a halt with a low rumble. State-of-the-art elevators offer maximum ride comfort: almost silent... Read on
Waldkirch, November 2016 – Inclination sensors from SICK’s TMS/TMM family take a non-contact measurement of the inclination angle of an object in relation to the earth's gravity. Thanks to... Read on
A garbage truck driver is faced with challenges on a daily basis, including illegally parked cars, narrow roads, irritated motorists, heat, cold, and thunderstorms. It does not have to be like this any... Read on
Achieving maximum availability in any machine, system or component is a critical goal of optimum Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in a production environment. The more the impacts of both planned... Read on
Mobile platforms are moving automatically or autonomously between different points in the production or logistics environment. To make sure that they find their way diverse sensor solutions for navigation and positioning are necessary
Monitoring and control of the saw-wire with absolute encoders
Monitoring and control of the saw-wire with absolute encoders
Information about incremental encoders, absolute encoders, safety encoders,wire draw encoders, and tilt sensors

Result 1 - 24 out of 3579