Smart and safe

Make access protection a reality – quickly

When connecting safety light curtains to a safety relay, simple access protection can be implemented quickly. You only need a little time to configure the safety relay.

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Monitoring of doors

Safety switches combined with safety relay

Safety switches are used for door monitoring. They are reliably connected using the ReLy safety relay – it’s quick and easy.

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Wired quickly and safely

Safety relay combined with Flexi Loop

With the Flexi Loop safe series connection, up to 32 safety sensors can be connected to an RLY3-Loop100 safety relay and monitored there. You only need one input on the relay to do this.

Product selection
Smart and safe
Monitoring of doors
Wired quickly and safely

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The safety relay for high ease of use
  • Clever, user-friendly housing functions
  • Thin design with construction widths from 18 mm
  • Fast response times of under 10 ms (depending on the type)
  • Status LEDs and diagnostic interfaces
  • Variants for universal application and for safe series connection with Flexi Loop available


Solve simple applications quickly

Safety relays monitor the safety sensors on your machine. The different relay variants solve numerous applications individually, safely and cost-effectively. Do you want a fast and configuration-free solution for your safety sensors with volt-free contacts? Then ReLy is just the product for you.

Product recommendation ReLy

You are on the safe side in an emergency In dangerous states, the safe stop of machines is one of the most important safety requirements that you and the Machinery Directive demand from your machine. With safety relays from SICK, you can monitor all types of electro-mechanical safety switches.
Simple machine monitoring Safety relays result in quick installation and simple machine monitoring. At machine access points, they provide reliable finger, hand and body protection together with safety light curtains or safety light-beam sensors.
Efficient hazardous area protection Safety relays prevent people from reaching into cutting machines, presses and other machines with dangerous movements during production processes: A production step can only be triggered after a two-hand control device has been actuated.

Slim and functional

With their clever housing design and a width of 18 to 28 mm, safety relays from SICK set benchmarks in the field of control cabinet integration. The many device variants offer high performance and short response times of less than 10 ms. From emergency stop to access monitoring, the safety relays fulfill all common safety functions. The output expansions are compatible with the Flexi Compact safety controller, for instance. Thanks to the diagnostic LEDs on the device display, errors can be rectified quickly, thereby significantly reducing the downtime of your machine.