Achieving more with intelligent sensors

In line with Moore's law, the semiconductor industry has doubled the number of transistors in each integrated circuit approximately every 18 months for more than four decades now. This trend is the result of rapid innovations in production processes that are showing no signs of abating. As a result, production plants both today and in the future need to be equipped with state-of-the-art sensors in order to satisfy the stringent requirements that semiconductor manufacturers place on product quality and cost-effectiveness. SICK sensor technology has proven ideal for use in the semiconductor industry, consistently offering solutions that are perfectly matched to all kinds of applications – whether they involve complex front-end processes, back-end applications, or wafer fab automation.

Industry segment 1
Front-end production
Industry segment 2
Back-end production
Smart Motor Sensors
Smart Motor Sensors

Smart Motor Sensors from SICK turn their users into insiders.

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