Consulting and design
Safety software design

Safety-related control circuit programming that conforms to standards

Your Benefits

  • Saves time and resources thanks to the involvement of experienced SICK experts
  • Provides safety through standardized implementation according to the V-model, including measures for avoiding and controlling errors
  • Reduces complexity by using modular and clearly structured programming of safety functions
  • High level of quality thanks to standardized processes and sustainable competency management


Safety-related control circuit programming that conforms to standards

When using configurable or programmable components to implement safety functions, it is important to consider various aspects. Experts from SICK ensure compliance with the normative requirements for both the software tool and the application software created using the tool, as well as for configuration. Structured and modular programming helps prevent errors during software design. The impact of modifications can be better evaluated and revalidation can be limited. As a manufacturer of software-based safety components, SICK offers its expertise and experience in this field.

At a glance
  • Specification of safety-related application software, including the definition of input and output signals
  • Creation and verification of safety-related application software according to the V-model for software development


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