Manual registration of test tubes

In automated laboratory operation, test tubes are registered automatically or manually when they are supplied to the system. Throughout the entire analytical process, this makes it possible to trace each individual sample by its bar code. The test tubes are registered manually with an IDM24x or IDM14x mobile hand-held scanner.

  • Following product families can be used
    Industrial mobile reliability
    • Identification of all popular 1D codes, with PDF version also stacked codes
    • Compact housing with up to IP 65 withstanding 50 drops from 2 m on concrete
    • Good read feedback via LED, beeper and vibrator
    • Supports all popular corded and cordless interfaces as well as industrial fieldbuses via SICK connectivity
    • Tool-free exchange of cable and battery
    • Corded and cordless versions available
    Convenient and secure identification of 2D codes
    • Identification of all current 1D, stacked, and 2D codes
    • Reliable, secure, and fast code reading
    • Compact design, light housing
    • Manual operation and hands-free operation in presentation mode
    • Corded and cordless variants available
    Versatility made easy – from high density to standard range codes
    • Reading distance up to 850 mm
    • Identifies all popular linear bar codes
    • Scan rate up to 500 scans/second
    • Withstands 24 drops from 1.8 m height
    • Highly visible scan line
    • IP 41 enclosure rating