Detection and identification of 2D codes on test tubes

To ensure test tubes are correctly sorted, a sorting machine must quickly and reliably recognize and identify the 2D code on a test tube. In this process, the W4F photoelectric sensor continuously informs the Lector61x image-based code reader when the next test tube is to be assigned to the correct patient. The combination of Lector61x and W4F ensures stable reading results, even with poor quality or slightly damaged codes. This allows for test tubes to be reliably assigned to the correct patient. Due to the increasing amount of data required for this process, the 2D code is becoming more and more important in the detection and identification of test tubes.

  • Following product families can be used
    The high-flyers in intelligent automation
    • Technologies: ForegroundSuppression, DoubleLine, V-optics and MultiSwitch
    • Two switching points and distance value output in one device
    • Diffuse sender LED for ambient light suppression
    • BluePilot: Teach-Turn adjustment with optical sensing range and alignment aid
    • Smart Sensor: Latest diagnostics and monitoring functions
    • VISTAL® housing
    The small device for miniature codes and much more
    • Powerful DPM code reader
    • Compact design
    • Snap-in mounting done in seconds
    • Stepless focus adjustment from 50 to 300 mm with millimeter precision
    • Controllable multi-color lights with optional polarizing filter
    • Magnifier effect for detection of the smallest codes
    • Easy auto set-up
    • Integrated laser distance measurement (ToF)