Cap detection and test tube identification in the decapper and sample carousel

For decapping, two steps are essential to avoid system failures or errors in the process: Reliable cap detection and correct identification of the test tubes. This enables their correct assignment in subsequent process steps. The performance and size of the G6 photoelectric proximity sensor and the CLV60x fixed mount barcode scanner are perfect for the requirements of this application.

  • Following product families can be used
    Reliable reading performance in the smallest of spaces
    • High reading field height even at a 30 mm reading distance
    • 2K pixel CMOS technology
    • LED status indicator detectable from virtually every direction
    • Adaptation to customer requirements as an optional service
    • 750 Hz scanning frequency
    • Reading window on the front or on the side
    Way above the standard – the economic way to business class
    • PinPoint LED and class 1 laser variants
    • SICK ASIC, the result of decades of experience with photoelectric sensors
    • Photoelectric proximity sensors with background suppression, energetic photoelectric proximity sensors, and through-beam photoelectric sensors
    • ABS plastic housing and V4A stainless-steel 1.4404 (316L) housing
    • Enclosure ratings IP67 and IP69K