Chlorine chemistry

Chlorine is an important feedstock utilized in the production of intermediate chemicals such as EDC or VCM. It is produced by electrolysis of an aqueous solution of rock salt (NaCl) releasing highly reactive gases: chlorine and hydrogen. Analyzers have to rapidly detect any diffusion of hydrogen traces into chlorine to avoid an explosion. In the production of EDC and VCM, small amounts of moisture need to be detected to prevent corrosion of piping and reactors. In these processes, analyzers greatly contribute to plant safety and operational availability.

  • Following product families can be used
    Simultaneous process monitoring of up to 6 measuring components
    • Simultaneous measurement of up to 6 components
    • Process cells up to 60 bar and 200 °C
    • Automated sample point switching
    • Integrated adjustment unit (optional)
    • Safety devices for measurement of toxic or flammable mixtures
    • Extended operation via PC and SOPAS ET software
    • Flexible I/O module system