Extractive gas analyzers

Reliable gas analysis — even under harsh process conditions

Extractive gas analyzers from SICK can be used in a large number of applications. The extractive measurement technology extracts a partial gas flow from the gas duct, conditions the extracted gas and feeds it to an analyzer module under constant conditions. All the measurement technology that SICK offers – from gas sampling and conditioning right through to the numerous analyzer modules – is specifically tailored to the measuring task concerned.

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  • Detector with high long-term stability
  • Paramagnetic or electrochemical O2 measurement
  • Automated adjustment with component-free ambient air
  • Immune to contamination
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  • 4 different measurement principles available
  • More than 60 measuring components to choose from
  • 3 different housing variants for different fields of application
  • Up to 3 analyzer modules in a single housing
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  • Accurate measurement of “total mercury” directly in a thermal converter (patented)
  • Measuring operation without reagents
  • Practically maintenance-free gas sampling using an ejector pump – no moving parts
  • Integrated adjustment cell for automated drift checking
  • Automated adjustment of the entire measuring system with a built-in test gas generator (optional)
  • Completely modular system design
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Tailor-made gas analysis for process and emission monitoring
  • 6 different analyzer modules: DEFOR (NDUV, UVRAS), MULTOR (NDIR), OXOR-E (electrochemical O2), OXOR-P (paramagnetic O2), THERMOR (TC), and UNOR (NDIR)
  • 4 different types of enclosures
  • Gas module with sample gas pump and/or control sensors
  • New enclosure type for easy and quick integration in analyzer systems
  • Remote diagnosis via Ethernet with SOPAS ET software
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Solution for continuous hydrocarbon measurements
  • Standard 19” enclosure for easy integration into all industry-typical systems
  • Space-saving wall housing (stand-alone)
  • Nearly maintenance free ejector pump delivers sample gas to the analyzer
  • Integrated catalytic converter (option) provides very clean zero gas
  • Automatic regulation and compensation of process pressure fluctuations
  • Protective filter at sample gas inlet
  • High degree of linearity (≤ 2 %) for very low and high measuring ranges
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  • Simultaneous measurement of up to 6 components
  • Process cells up to 60 bar and 200 °C available
  • Automated sample point switching
  • Integrated adjustment unit (optional)
  • Protective devices for measurement of toxic or flammable mixtures
  • Extended operation via PC and SOPAS ET software
  • Flexible I/O module system
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  • High selectivity due to high spectral resolution
  • No calibration required
  • No moving parts: minimal wear and tear
  • Heated multipath measurement cell
  • Hot-wet measurement technology
This product family has been phased out!
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  • Gas warning device for volatile organic compounds
  • Certified to EN 50271
  • Inline type for direct coupling with the process
  • Optional housing for use in Ex zones 1 and 2
  • Modular design for flexible installation
  • Integrated dilution of sample gas
  • All gas paths are heated
  • No moving parts
This product family has been phased out!
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Result 1 - 8 out of 8