Baggage identification using laser technology

The ALIS (airport luggage identification system) track and trace system with laser technology has been available on the market since 1990. With the continuous optimization of ALIS, the SICK application specialists can fall back on their many years of experience using the systems in airports around the world. This has made this version of ALIS the most reliable solution for the dependable identification and routing of flight baggage labeled with a 1D bar code. Position and rotation of bar codes do not play a role during this process. Optionally, a camera can be integrated into the system to deliver a color image of the bag, together with the bar code, to the computers of the baggage conveyor systems. This makes it easy to prove that a bag was already damaged before handling, for example. The most important components of the system are laser-based bar code scanners of the CLV series.

Your benefits:
  • Proven and rugged technology which satisfies the highest industry requirements
  • With SMART code reconstruction, even contaminated, damaged or poorly printed bar codes can be read reliably
  • Simple commissioning and maintenance Single host interface
  • 100% redundant design Integration into the SICK software and visualization platform and extensive diagnostic options facilitate proactive maintenance and help prevent failures

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