SIRIC® – See what really matters


SIRIC® is the latest generation of ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) sensors from SICK. Now, for the first time, digital signal processing methods have been integrated into the world of photoelectric sensors. Sensors equipped with this technology are more powerful than ever before and are highly resistant to all known optical and high-frequency influences. These smart sensor solutions can be seamlessly integrated into automation networks.

Photoelectric sensors with SIRIC® – Your benefits:

Optical reliability under conditions of ambient light and light trom other sensors

Even the latest energy-saving lamps cannot interfere with these sensors. For example, these sensors can even "look" directly into the lighting in a production facility, allowing greater freedom in facility design. Downtime resulting from sensor failure is reduced, meaning higher machine availability.

Increased sensing range

The increased performance reserve provides reliable detection even in harsh industrial environments such as dusty areas, thus increasing machine availability.


Because SICK handles all its own engineering, from the production of microchips to implementation in photoelectric sensors, customization for special applications or your requirements can be achieved cost-effectively.