2D vision

Configurable. Programmable. Cost-efficient. High-speed.

Your Benefits

  • Easy presence inspection with downloadable SensorApp
  • Tailored solutions through programming in SICK AppSpace for a wide variety of vision applications
  • Fast, high-resolution programmable 2D cameras ensure maximum performance
  • Flexible optical design and high-power lighting enable high-speed and long-distance setups
  • Unique operator interaction possibilities thanks to powerful set of convenience features
  • Smooth commissioning with customized operator interface and SICK AppManager


Configurable. Programmable. Cost-efficient. High-speed.

The InspectorP64x is an industrial programmable and configurable 2D vision camera for long-range and high-speed vision tasks. Boasting an image resolution of 1.7 megapixels, an IP 65 housing, and a flexible high-end optical design, it is perfectly equipped to meet demanding automation environments. The application software is fully flexible thanks to the SICK AppSpace development environment, with image processing powered by HALCON and SICK Algorithm Library.

At a glance
  • 1.7 MP 2D sensor
  • Configure SensorApps in web browser
  • Program new SensorApps in SICK AppStudio
  • Flexible C-mount lens and integrated illumination
  • Aiming laser, beeper and feedback spot
  • Including HALCON run-time license and SICK Algorithm Library


SICK  AppSpace Image
SICK  AppSpace Image

SICK AppSpace

Intelligent software tools, high-performance programmable devices, and a dynamic developer community create a solid foundation for designing customized sensor solutions. 

Giving space to your ideas


Increase the functionality of the InspectorP6xx family of 2D vision cameras by using SensorApps from SICK.

Presence Inspection SensorApp ensures that desired features are present and that undesired elements are not.
2D quality inspection is enabled by configuring a selection of tools for image analysis, using a graphical user interface in a web browser.
Embedded and offline training applications make it convenient and quick to learn.

The Presence Inspection SensorApp combines small investment and quick commissioning to improve yield, reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction.

SICK AppSpace Developers Club grants access to tools, support and a community for developing new SensorApps.
SICK AppStudio is the specialized software tool for developing SensorApps that can run directly on the InspectorP devices.
The SICK Support Portal is the central work platform of a SICK AppSpace developer, with access to tutorials, tools, documentation and FAQs.

Development in SICK AppStudio facilitates complete customization if needed.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    TaskPositioning, inspection, measuring, reading
    SensorCMOS matrix sensor, grayscale values
    Sensor resolution1,600 px x 1,088 px (1.7 Mpixel)
    FocusAdjustable focus
    LensExchangeable (C-mount), to be ordered separately as an accessory
    Optical format2/3″
    Operator interfacesWeb server
    Operating elements2 buttons
    Serial✔ , RS-232, RS-422
    Ethernet✔ , TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP
    CAN✔ , SICK CAN sensor network (master/slave)
    PROFINET✔ , PROFINET Single Port, PROFINET Dual Port (optional via external connection module CDF600-2)
    Configuration softwareSICK AppStudio
    Dimensions142 mm x 90 mm x 46 mm 1)
    • 1) Only housing without lens and protective hood.
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product