GO BEYOND: Industry 4.0. Always a step ahead.

GO BEYOND: Industry 4.0. Always a step ahead.
GO BEYOND: Industry 4.0. Always a step ahead.

The fourth industrial revolution is changing our world every day. It’s a continuous and essential development. The foundation for a networked smart factory during this revolution is paved with intelligent sensors. We are at your side, empowering the transformation of data into insight. We will take the next step together with you. Always a step ahead.

Flexible, transparent and competent. Forward thinking Industry 4.0

An intelligent sensor alone does not start a revolution. Only the combination of competence and courage can pave the way. We help you tame the data in your production and logistics processes and have it work for you. Extracting information from a network and turning it into a competitive advantage is our specialty. We will work with you to develop complete solutions that push the limits of what is technically possible. The spectrum ranges from flexible production to monitoring, from run time visualization to predictive maintenance and from artificial intelligence applications to SICK AppSpace for tailor-made sensor solutions.


Go beyond together with us.

For more flexibility
For more flexibility

For more flexibility:

Bicycles and cars at the same plant? High speed camera from SICK verifies components in the KUKA SmartProduction Center

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For more transparency
For more transparency

For more transparency:

Digital world of sensors: "We make valuable information accessible."

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For more expertise
For more expertise

For more expertise:

Our modular web trainings on sensor integration and Industry 4.0

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Industry 4.0 with sensor intelligence from SICK


The fourth industrial revolution in focus

The data-based, networked, and autonomous value creation chain in production and logistics is the culmination of recent technological innovation.

To the fourth industrial revolution



Networking and digitization in production

The nature of communication is changing. In transparent production processes, machines communicate both with one another as well as directly over the Ethernet or in the cloud via intelligent sensors. This allows the Smart Factory to become a reality.

The new communication levels



Sensor intelligence in the Smart Factory

A Smart Factory is a prerequisite for Industry 4.0. Every sensor, every machine, and every human involved can communicate with and among one another at any time. This enables the development of completely new applications.

To the Smart Factory

Data sovereignty and data security

Production data is a valuable asset for every company. Providing protection against data manipulation and defining how further processing is controlled are strategies which are part of the system solutions from SICK at the beginning of the networked value creation chain.

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