Oct 25, 2019

SICK has unveiled its second-generation of smart motor sensors supporting the revolutionary Hiperface DSL® single-cable feedback system for servo drives. The SICK EDS 35 singleturn and EDM 35 multiturn encoders achieve a step-change in resolution and dynamic performance.

SICK has developed the 35mm EDS/EDM 35 encoders ‘from ground up’ to fit into servo motors with a frame size from just 40mm, offering new opportunities for tight-space integration where precise speed regulation and control is critical, for example in printing, packaging or machine tools.
The SICK EDS/EDM 35 motor feedback sensors feature a newly-developed optical system with dual-channel scanning to achieve 24-bit resolution per single turn revolution, and a proven 12-bit mechanical gear design enabling up to 4,096 revolutions for the multiturn system.  
“This brand new encoder design achieves a factor of two increase in performance capability, compared to our first generation Hiperface DSL® products,” explains Darren Pratt, SICK’s UK product manager for Motion Control Sensors. “Capable of collecting, evaluating and transmitting digital data via the single cable system, these encoders become true smart motor sensors delivering invaluable diagnostic feedback, right from the heart of the machine.”
Resistant to shocks and vibrations, the SICK EDS/EDM 35 encoders are wear and maintenance-free Ideal for a wide range of applications, they offer the option of SIL 2 / PL d certified safety for safe speed monitoring and safe singleturn absolute position.
In common with all Hiperface DSL® encoders, the SICK EDS/EDM 35 feature a usage histogram recording speed, temperature and revolution data that supports the development of preventative maintenance programmes both for the servo drive and for the machine itself. 
Since its launch in 2011, SICK’s Hiperface DSL® single-cable technology has played a significant role in shaping drive technology, adopted as standard by many manufacturers of motors, servo controllers and drive systems, including ABB, Beckhoff, SEW Eurodrive, Lenze, B&R and more.
The SICK EDS/EDM 35 encoders are the fourth product family of motor feedback sensors to be introduced by SICK to support Hiperface DSL® systems.  “SICK smart motor sensors not only ensure future-proofed alignment with the industry’s most widely-accepted motor feedback technology, but can also represent real economy for users of drive systems,” adds Darren Pratt.
“One of the greatest advantages of Hiperface DSL® is in the savings made using a single cable technology. In the packaging industry alone, for example, around 300,000 servo drives are built into new machines annually. With an average motor cable length of 5 metres, Hiperface DSL® has the potential to save the industry 1.5 million metres of cable every year.  The saving is not just financial but also environmental, in the form of reduced use of copper and plastics and also reduced energy consumption as the weight of drag chains is also reduced.”