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Digital Transformation: Industry 4.0 & IIOT real world examples you can replicate or adapt
Learn something new and practical about Industry 4.0.
Whether you are looking to retrofit sensors and IIOT technology or get the best out of your current smart sensors we will show you real world examples that are scalable and flexible. 
Presenters: Seb Strutt, Neil Sandhu, Charlie Walker
30th June 2021 - 2:30pm  (UK)
EXPLORE: The journey towards digital transformation
What began with "Industry 4.0" remains challenging and rewards us with spectacular discoveries. Join us for concrete examples of how it’s done. Artificial Intelligence enabled vision, throughput optimization using production data, next-level logistics. This and much more. Choose the streams that you want to follow. See the Agenda.
Presented by various members of the SICK Ag Board and industry experts
9th June 2021 - from 8.30am (UK) On-Demand
Deep Learning Simplified with Machine Vision
Solving Inspection Challenges.
Deep Learning and AI are terms we are hearing a lot about at the moment. In our latest webinar we will give an overview of using a method of Deep Learning with the power of Machine Vision.
We will show you a simple method of achieving a successful deployment - from initial challenge to inspection results able to be viewed. Additionally we will look at the types of applications the technology can help with, the teaching process and continued optimisations.
Presenter: Neil Sandhu
27th May 2021 - 10:30am (UK) On-Demand
Live Demo: Measure linear motion without contact, with Speetec®
Its main advantage lies in its eye-safe, non-contact, laser technology, offering an alternative to measuring wheels, often the subject of mechanical problems due to contact. Learn about the technology & operating principle of SPEETEC®, its performance & advantages. You will also discover its ease of integration and use and the new application possibilities available to you. See Live Demos of the SPEETEC® in action.
Presenter: Darren Pratt
10th March 2021 - 10am (UK)
16th March 2021 - 2pm (UK)
Solving the Challenge of Printed Code Inspection
Printing and coding legible information on products is vital in todays world. The information needs to be easily seen and understood so the consumer is fully aware of what/when/how - the product has to be used. The task of automating the marking of the information can be challenging. This webinar will look at how the 4Sight solution ensures only the best quality codes and marked information are supplied.
Presenters: Neil Sandhu (SICK), Mike Hughes (Autocoding)
17th Nov 2020
Create your own custom-made Function Blocks
Learn how to create your custom PLC function block on-line. Discover what is the concept and how does it work in our webshop. There will be a LIVE demo on how to use it with a PLC.
Question & answer via LIVE chat
Presenter: Charlie Walker
13th October 2020
How Machine Vision makes Robots Smarter
We will explore how today's Vision technology can be incorporated into a 'smart' world and environment where Machine Vision can allow a Robot to 'see'. Added benefits can be seen during Inspection tasks, where communication with the Robot offers progress, results and conclusions for the entire system. Allowing it to be tracked, viewed and actioned upon. We will also be exploring the solutions that make all this possible.
Presenter: Neil Sandhu
1st October 2020
Point Level & Continuous Level Technologies for Liquids & Solids
Navigating towards the most optimum engineering Technology for your Level Measurement & Control application can be challenging at times.  Let SICK UK guide you through some basic Level operational principles, the advantages and disadvantages of each technology and the common application uses, saving you valuable time in the decision making process. 30 Mins.
Presenter: Nick Hartley
18th September 2020
Machine Vision - Simple and Adaptable
During this 25 minute webinar will look at how Vision solutions can be created to simply 'plug and play' in a variety of industries and applications so the ease of use as well as the adaptability can be utilised to meet the challenges of advancing technology - but simple to work with.
Presenter: Neil Sandhu
13th August 2020 
Sensor Data in the Cloud
Using our IO-Link master, SIG200, it is easy to gain access to your sensor data and with the use of some clever technology, get it in to the cloud and displayed on dashboards.  In this webinar we will take you through the steps of accessing the data and passing it to the cloud with the help of a cloud gateway; in this case our TDC. 45 minutes plus Q&A.
Presenter: Charlie Walker
7th August 2020
Automation Systems for AGV, AMR and other Guided Vehicles
The webinar will showcase the latest sensors and solutions for mobile applications relating to speed, direction, load stability, navigation and guidance. The agenda covers an overview of safety systems, vision, lidar and sensors that are used across the sector. Our specialists will be available for questions and you can arrange further discussion via appointment.
Presenters: SICK UK Product Managers
24th July 2020
FlexiSoft - Example Machine: Robot Palletiser
This 40 minute Webinar will run through a robot palletiser application and show the safety implementation using FlexiSoft Designer software.
Presenter: Iain Keetley-Smith
1st July 2020 
FlexiSoft - Diagnostics: Reducing Downtime - Increasing Productivity
This 30 minute Webinar will run through the diagnostic capability of FlexiSoft. The agenda includes familiarity with the FlexiSoft Designer Software, understanding the Diagnostic Module available, configuring a Gateway, demo Program for the sending/receiving of data and reporting. Q&A with the presenter.
Presenter: Iain Keetley-Smith
24th June 2020 
FlexiSoft - Creating a Flexi Line Project
This 40 minute Webinar will run through the Flexi Line system within FlexiSoft Designer software. You will gain familiarity with the FlexiSoft Designer Software, understand the features & benefits of Flexi Line, learn how to develop a project, logic simulation for validation and reporting.  Q&A with the presenter.

Presenter: Iain Keetley-Smith
17th June 2020 
FlexiSoft - Configuring a Flexi Link Project
Flexi Link is a network solution which supports many options through straightforward configuration and rapid commissioning. Get an overview of how Flexi Link works along with recommendations for programming in project documentation. 30 mins plus Q&A.
Presenter: Iain Keetley-Smith
10th June 2020 
FlexiSoft - Configuring a Flexi Loop Project
The webinar will introduce Flexi Loop and demonstrate how to configure a Loop in Flexisoft Designer - selecting the hardware, assigning Input/Output devices, power management, designing safety logic and diagnostics. At the end of this 40 minute session there will a chance for Q&A.
Presenter: Iain Keetley-Smith
3rd June 2020
Understanding Function Blocks within the SICK Flexisoft Safety Controller
The agenda of this 35 min presentation covers understanding different programming languages for safety controls and discusses the function blocks for each type of module (Reset, Muting, Routing blocks and more...)
Presenter: Iain Keetley-Smith
14th May 2020
Introduction to Flexisoft
Are you familiar with Flexisoft configurable safety controllers? At this webinar you will learn how to specify a system for your application and understand the structure of Flexisoft Designer to develop safety programmes. This is a live presentation with Q&A.
Presenter: Iain Keetley-Smith
30th April 2020
Simple Safety Laser Scanner Set-up
Join us for an informative 50 minute demonstration to understand how to set-up a safety laser scanner in the simplest way.
Presenter: Dr Martin Kidman
28th April 2020
Robot Systems & Safety, Including Collaborative
Are you thinking about applying robots to automation but have little knowledge about safety? Then this webinar is for you.
Presenter: Seb Strutt
Registration opens soon
Revenue Recovery/Protection - Are you doing it right?
Learn how to protect your revenue from customers giving incorrect information, potentially costing you more than it should.
Presenter: Jon Slater
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