SICK Switches up to Smart Versatility with Next-Generation SLG-2 Light Grids

Jun 30, 2021

SICK has developed its next-generation SLG-2 light grids to combine higher levels of optical performance with smart sensor capability in an ultra-slim housing. The SICK SLG-2 extends integration versatility beyond switched outputs to incorporate measurement, classification, and Smart Tasks, while also providing data for diagnostic evaluation. 

The SICK SLG-2 family offers a choice of resolutions and includes a crossbeam version for detection of very thin or flat objects. The addition of an IO-link interface adds extra value for machine-builders and end users, opening up new opportunities to automate factory and materials handling applications. 
Just 12mm x 24mm in size, the SICK SLG-2 light grids come in Slim or Flat variants, so they can be configured horizontally or vertically to fit snugly into machines or conveyors. They enable versatile machine and robotic integration with rapid response times that ensure completely reliable performance even at high production speeds.  The SICK SLG-2 can also be integrated neatly into mechanical doors, gates and lifts. 
The SICK SLG-2 is therefore ideal for duties such as overhang or leading-edge detection, classifying products of multiple heights, or loop and sagging control of sheet materials. 
The addition of IO-Link extends the SICK SLG-2’s capabilities to include height, width, and length measurement. It enables individual beams to be controlled or blanked, as well as the feedback of diagnostic information for condition monitoring. A Smart Task is available to set zones to solve product classification and quality applications. Zoning also avoids the costly cabling needed to configure multiple photocells, an advantage for example in entry and exit applications such as industrial doors and gates.
“Whether you are designing a new machine or want to replace an existing light grid to take advantage of IO-Link functionality, the SICK SLG-2 offers exceptional versatility at this price/performance level,” says David Hannaby, SICK’s UK Product Manager for Presence Detection.
“With IO-Link, the SLG-2 can not only provide height, length and width values, it can also detect an object’s position in the light grid. It can output information on the status of every single beam and offers all the benefits of real-time diagnostics to monitor operational status and quality of run.”
The SICK SLG-2 Slim and Flat come with 10mm, 25mm or 50mm beam spacing and can detect objects with a height of between 100mm and 2400mm. SICK’s patented new optical technology ensures the SLG’s operation is immune to interference from cross talk, reflections, or ambient light conditions.  The SLG-2 achieves response times as fast as 2.1ms depending on the number of beams.
The compact SICK SLG-2 Slim and Flat make mounting simple, using either sliding nuts or quick-mounting accessories, with options for M8 or M12 4-pin cable connections. Set up is easy via with the option to use an external teach-in button on the device.