SICK ISD400 Pro brings warehouse crane automation up to speed

May 1, 2014
St Albans

The new SICK ISD400 Pro fast Ethernet optical data transmission system enables storage and retrieval cranes in automated high bay warehouses and coldstores to be operated with unparalleled speed, safety and precision.

The ISD400 PRO’s line-of-sight data exchange supports cable-free positioning of storage and retrieval machines (SRMs) and gantry cranes.  With a bandwidth of 100Mbit/sec and protocol-independent Ethernet communication it transmits the large amounts of data needed for the latest warehouse technologies including support for the growing use of CCTV cameras for warehouse aisle monitoring.

“The SICK ISD400 Pro is among the fastest non-cable based data transmission systems on the market,” says Darren Pratt, Product Manager for SICK UK. “It perfectly complements the SICK DL100 Pro laser distance sensing systems and OLM200 positioning system using barcode tape.”

The ISD400 Pro covers almost all warehouse aisle lengths with a transmission range from 0.2 to 150 metres.  Continuous 100 Mbit/s transmission between the fixed and mobile units provides dependable communication which is unaffected by the large quantities of metalwork found in a typical warehouse aisle.   Any warehouse communications network that uses Ethernet as its basis can use the ISD400 Pro, for example, PROFINET, PROFIsafe, EthernetIP  EtherCAT or TCP/IP.

The ISD400 Pro optical transmission system is equipped with an extensive range of diagnostics. A visual display is integrated in the housing, showing information such as operating temperature, operating hours, warnings or faults. At the same time, warning and fault messages are also transmitted via the 24 V DC switching output, so that changes in operation are rapidly detected and signalled to the controller.

Designed for plug-and-play installation, the SICK ISD400 Pro is rapidly mounted onto any flat surface and the two units optically aligned using a cross hairs sighting. Then the alignment is precisely adjusted with the integrated display, completing rapid and simple commissioning.

Mounting uses the SICK proven aluminium bracket for horizontal or vertical mounting, with slotted holes to facilitate alignment for point-to-point data transmission. Standard SpeedConTM electrical connections complete the ease of set up.

The IP65 rated metal housing of the ISD400 Pro robustly withstands difficult working conditions, and operates between -25°C and +55°C.  Deep freeze conditions down to -40°C can be met by a variant with integrated heating.

For more information on the new SICK ISD400 Pro optical data transmission system, please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email