Aug 25, 2020

SICK has developed a versatile, high-precision array sensor, the AS30, that is easily adapted to a multitude of machine guidance and process control tasks in manufacturing and logistics.

With a repeatability of up to 0.03mm and a wide 50mm 2D light band, the SICK AS30 delivers industry-leading performance for classic array sensing tasks such as edge guidance or conveyor control. It also detects object positions, widths, diameters, gaps and centre lines with ease.  With a choice of proximity or reflector modes, the SICK AS30 can even be used to reliably detect shiny, opaque or transparent materials.

The SICK AS30 is therefore ideal for diverse duties such as edge guidance of paper, foils and films in packaging machinery, bottle roundness checks in drinks manufacture, measuring the width of spray coating in surface mount processes or centre-line measurement of welding seams in robotic applications.

The AS30’s versatility is underpinned with plug-and-play configuration via the on-sensor full-colour TFT display or using SICK’s SOPAS engineering tool. The step-by-step wizard makes it quick and easy to select from the available sensor settings and to teach-in edges or contrast zones in just a few clicks. Easy alignment using a visible light spot, along with the ability to adjust the sensitivity, aid quick and accurate set up for robust process control. 

The AS30 is IO-Link enabled and its digital switching outputs and external inputs can be logically linked to configure a wide variety of machine integrations, as well as facilitating condition monitoring and predictive maintenance through smart diagnostics tools. 

“The new AS30 really is the best of all worlds for array sensing in a completely new design from SICK,” explains David Hannaby, SICK’s UK Product Manager for Presence Detection. “It offers the prospect not only to achieve higher-than-ever process reliability and stability, but also to reduce the number of sensor types you need to keep in your inventory, whether you are a machine builder or an end-user.

“With no fine positioning necessary due to the AS30’s wide light band, the sensor is straightforward to set up and to adjust in-situ.  With IO-Link on-board, it also offers all the application integration and diagnostics capabilities you would expect from a SICK smart sensor.”

The SICK AS30 Prime offers full-colour TFT display, four operating modes and a choice of proximity and reflector versions. With a repeatability of 0.03mm, the Prime variant can be set up with a 30mm field of view at 25mm scanning distance, or 50mm field of view at 100mm scanning distance. 

The AS30 Core offers an economical option where more straightforward proximity sensing is all that is required. The Core version still achieves 0.2mm repeatability and a 45mm field of view at 100mm scanning distance.  All sensors feature an easy-mounting fixture and flexible pin connector options.